Curso Cortos

# Topic Instructor
1 Practical QI: A Comprehensive Overview for Interpreters Laurie Weston Bellman
President of Sound QI Solutions Ltd.
2 Generación de imágenes sísmicas en profundidad
y su empleo en áreas de geología compleja
Rubén Darío Martínez
Consultor, Reservoir Geoscience, LLC
3 Reservoir Characterization of Deep Water Systems:
Impact from Exploration to Production
Vitor Abreu, PhD
Abreu Consulting & Training
4 Fold and Thrust Belt Structural Styles
for Exploration and Development
René Manceda
La Plata University, YPF
5 Mature Field Evaluation and Redevelopment:
Overview, Case histories, and Lessons
Sharma Dronamraj, MS, MBA, PG
AKD Professional Solutions
6 Petroleum Fluids and Source Rocks Dr. Alexei V. Milkov
Colorado School of Mines
7 Field Developments and Technical Solutions-
Marginal Fields
Ahmed Aly
Chairman of TPS
(Technical Petroleum Services–International Consulting Company) (SPE)