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Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo 2024

19 - 22 de junio 2024 / Tampico, Tamps.

Curso 3:

Fecha: Lunes 17 y Martes 18 de Junio de 2024

Inicio del Curso: 08:00-14:00hs
Comida en el Hotel (incluida): 14:00-16:00hs
Continuacion del Curso: 16:00-18:00hs

Carbonate Essentials: Pores to Prospect


Carbonate Essentials covers the broad topics of geology and geophysics associated with carbonate reservoirs, both conventional and unconventional. Particular emphasis is placed on geological concepts, case histories, carbonate unconformity surfaces, paleokarst and seismic interpretation techniques.

Intended Audience

Interpreters, Geologists, Petrophysicists, Engineers


Some previous interpretation experience and basic seismic knowledge.

Course content

Day One

Seismic 101

• Resolution, tuning, spatial aliasing
• Dio, throw, vertical, spatial aliasing.
• Acquisition andprocessing.
• Introduction to 3D seismic interpretation.
• Meaning of seismic amplitude.
• Reflections and Interference.


• Classification
• Deposition and diagenesis
• Dolomite
• Chalk
• Pores
• Karst

Rock Physics

• Density
• Velocity dependiencies

• Beware n-dimensional correlation

• Gassmann in carbonates?.
• Diagenesis and rock physics.

Day Two

Wireline Logs

• Log Overview.
• Photo-electric lithology log.
• Fractures and cross-dipole sonic.
• Vp/Vs-impedance space.
• Synthetic seismogram.
• Time depth curves.


• Layers and Information.
• Tracking in unfaulted terrain.
• Offset tracking and flattening.
• Depth conversion.
• Tracking in faulted terrain.
• Geobody extraction.


• Acoustic Impendance.
• coherence
• Curvature.
• Spectral decomposition.
• Amplitude versus offset.