Call for the Contest
Knowledge in Geosciences 2021

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The Organizing Committee of the Mexican Petroleum Congress (CMP), in order to encourage the participation of undergraduate students and motivate their coexistence, summons undergraduate students to the Geosciences Knowledge Contest, in accordance with the following


The contest will be by teams made up of three students, a geophysicist, a geologist (or two geoscientists) and an oilman, from the same institution.
Only undergraduate students who meet the requirement of being enrolled in a career mentioned above and being regular students with a 75% progress and an 8.0 average may participate.
Each team must be made up of the three students and a responsible professor assigned to the institution they represent.
The team representing each institution must register as of the publication of this call and until Thursday, April 30, 2020. This period is NON-DELETABLE.
The registration form will be available on the CMP website, in an express link for the contest.
The professor in charge of each institution must send the following documentation by email to the coordinator of the contest ( so that their team is duly registered:

  • a. The registration form duly completed in electronic and scanned version with the signatures of the participants,
  • b. A double-sided copy of each student's current credentials,
  • c. Current copy of the academic record, which must contain the percentage of progress and global average, and
  • d. A document proving that you are still a student.

  • Seventh.
    Only one team can be registered for each institution. In the event that the same institution has more than one team, it will be in charge of making the internal selection of a single team.
    Only the first eight teams that submit their complete documentation will be able to participate. The final list will be published on the CMP website and a study guide will be sent to each team.
    Contestants will be given a scholarship, consisting of ground transportation, CMP registration, and accommodation during the event.

    Contest Procedure:

  • 1. The contest will take place on Saturday, November 20 at 2:00 p.m. The schedule and the room will be published together with the CMP 2021 program

  • 2. The contest will be held in two stages, the first individually for each discipline and the second in groups, thinking that there are institutions that do not have all three careers in their curricula. For example, if an institution only has a degree in geosciences, it may compete with two participants, one for each discipline of geophysics and geology respectively.

  • 3. For the individual phase, this consists of two rounds, the first with four questions randomly selected from each discipline (geophysics, geology and oil) for the respective members of each team, the score is variable according to the degree of difficulty of the question (30 high, 20 medium and 10 low) for those who answered correctly and zero for those who answered wrong or did not answer. There is a decrease in points with respect to the response time. The second round consists of four questions, similar to the first round for all contestants, the score is also variable, in degree of difficulty and response time, but the difference with the previous round, here if the total of the points to the contestant who answers badly or does not answer. At the end of the second round, the teams with the highest score will be the winners. In case of a tie in any position, this will be resolved with another round of four questions.

  • 4. For the group phase, this also consists of two rounds, the first with four randomly selected questions from any geoscience discipline for each team, with similar scores (variable, in degree of difficulty and response time) to the first round of the individual phase. The second round of four questions will be asked to each team, if they decide not to answer or answer wrongly, the total number of points from the question will be subtracted and the next team can answer it and thus steal the points. According to the degree of difficulty of the question, if the second team chooses not to answer, the points will not be subtracted, but if they do so incorrectly, the points will be subtracted. At the end of the second round, the teams with the highest score will be the winners. In case of a tie in any position, this will be resolved with another round of four questions, similar to the individual phase.

  • 5. By participating, the contestants express their agreement with the rules and procedure of the contest of this call.

  • 6. Any unforeseen event will be resolved by the organizing committee.

  • Doubts or Comments:

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