1. What will happen to my registration with the new celebration date that Congress has??

Your registration will remain valid.

2. What does the registration cost include?

Each category has different rights, you can consult the concepts that are included in the following link

3. How can I pay my registration?

We have a different option so that you can cover the cost of your registration. You can make the payment by bank deposit, electronic transfer and credit card directly on the registration site.

4. The companion category to which it refers?

This category is specific to the wives, husbands, sons or daughters of congressmen. They have a special program of activities.

5. Do I belong to the student category if I am studying a master, doctorate or postgraduate?

This category is only applicable for undergraduate students.

6. How can I register with a member category?

The Partner category is exclusive to the active members of any of the five organizing associations which are AIPM, CIPM, AMGE, AMGP and SPE (Mexico Section).


1. What is the deadline to make modifications or cancellations to my reservation?

Changes and cancellations of INDIVIDUAL Reservations must be made in writing as a deadline on May 21st, 2021 . GROUP reservations as a deadline April 30th, 2021 to avoid causing penalties.
Reservations made after these dates may not make changes and cancellations without penalty

2. Who charges my credit card to guarantee my reservation?

All lodging charges are generated directly by each hotel. The charge will be made from May 24th to June 4th.

3. Can I guarantee my reservation by bank transfer or deposit?

Yes, the data can be found in the email you receive as confirmation of your reservation. If you have them, you can contact the reservation team and they will be happy to provide them.


1. What will happen if the Congreos has a new celebration date?

The exhibition floor will be mounted as originally planned, at a certain time adjustments will only be made in the assembly period.

2. Is it necessary to contract a supplier of those mentioned in the manual for the construction of my company's stand?

No, the organizing committee of the CMP does not limit the contracting of suppliers. However, we do publish some trustworthy providers.

3. Can I contract food and beverages with any supplier?

No, the contracting of food and beverages is exclusive with Cintermex. You can quote the service by contacting them directly at (81) 8369-6970 or write an email to

4. Will I be able to install hanging points to decorate my stand?

For security and time optimization, hanging points are not allowed for the decoration of stands.

5. Can I contract a hostess or demonstrator service for my stand?

Yes, you should only consider that they must wear executive uniforms. Under no personal circumstances will clothing such as short skirts, plunging necklines, fitted uniforms, or body painting where clothing is omitted from any part of the body be permitted.