Welcome Message

The Mexican Petroleum Congress is the most important international event that takes place in Mexico related to the Oil Industry and is the result of a continuous improvement effort during the last 14 years. The XV edition will be held in Monterrey, Nuevo León, from November 17th - 20th, 2021.

The Trade Associations related to engineering in earth sciences and the oil industry, all of them non-profit, joined their potentials with the aim of promoting knowledge and technical and technological updating that allow Mexico to take advantage of, optimally , the nation's hydrocarbons.

The group is made up of the College of Petroleum Engineers of Mexico, the Mexican Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Mexico Section and the Association of Petroleum Engineers of Mexico, which has the honor to lead the activities during this year.

The Congress is designed for technological and scientific exchange, annually brings together more than 8 thousand specialists from around the world, research and educational institutions, federal government entities, operating companies and specialized service companies.

In addition to the technological and industrial exhibition of more than 18 thousand square meters, we will have more than 350 technical conferences, in the form of keynotes, oral sessions, poster sessions and short courses. The works selected by our committee of technical experts will be presented by specialists from different parts of the world and from a wide number of companies, private and national, and public institutions and universities.

Among the most important additional benefits of the forum, we have training through highly specialized courses and productive interaction between government officials, regulators, operating companies, service providers and users of the industry through business tables.

I invite you to be part of the 15th Mexican Petroleum Congress, Monterrey 2021. It will be a great experience that will yield tangible benefits for congressmen, participating companies, and government entities.

With the pleasure of receiving you, all of you are welcome.

Dr. Néstor Martínez Romero
Executive Coordinator CMP 2021